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Kansas State Polytechnic

Professional Education and Outreach
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Outreach Center
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  • Students are admitted to courses based on the admission requirements, procedures, or prerequisites that apply to the same courses taught at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus. 
  • All students must have a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA and meet the ACT or placement exam scores. 

Placement Requirements

  • Students who feel the ACT scores are not reflective of ability or who have not completed ACT testing may take these alternative placement tests to attempt to meet admission requirements.
  • The KSU Math Placement Exam (MPE) can be taken online at www.math.ksu.edu/placement once the student has setup a KSIS account.
ACT Score
CHM 110: General Chemistry
One year of high school algebra.
COM 106: Public Speaking
ENGL 100: Expository Writing I
ENGL 251: Introduction to Literature
Completed ENGL 100 with a C or better.
MATH 100: College Algebra
21+ Algebra KSU MPE
MATH 150: Plane Trigonometry
40+ Algebra KSU MPE 
C or better in MATH 100; or two years of high school algebra and a score of 25 or more on Enhanced ACT mathematics.
MATH 205: General Calculus & Linear Algebra
40+ Algebra KSU MPE  
MATH 215: Calculus I
21+ Calculus KSU MPE
Completed with a C or better three years of college preparatory mathematics including trigonometry and recommendation of the high school mathematics instructor.
MATH 220: Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1
21+ Calculus KSU MPE
Completed with a B or better in MATH 100 and C or better in MATH 150; or three years of college preparatory mathematics including trigonometry and Calculus I.