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Frequently Asked Questions

Are high school students eligible for federal financial aid, grants, and or loans?

No. The requirement is that students have a high school diploma or GED, to be eligible for federal aid. 

Does the University academic calendar match the high school calendar?

The academic calendar for the University does not match the high school academic calendar. Start dates, end dates, final exam times, and holiday breaks will not match. It is important to follow the Academic Calendar for official university dates and for students to clarify with their instructor’s dates required for attendance.

Will I need to purchase a textbook?

Students will need to purchase a textbook for their college course. Textbooks can be found by clicking the textbook icon next to a course on the online course schedule or selecting the "Salina textbooks" link found in the Student Center in KSIS. You can purchase textbooks at the bookstore on the first floor of the College Center.

Will I need a parking permit to park on campus?

A parking permit will be required to park on campus. Permits must be ordered through the K-State Online Parking website. Once ordered, the permit will be available for pickup in the Office of Fiscal Services.

Are grades mailed to my permanent address?

Grades are not mailed to your permanent address. Grades are posted in the student's KSIS account. Students can view grades under their My Academics tab in KSIS

Do I as a parent/guardian have access to their students academic records?

Parents/Guardians do not have access to a students academic record at the University level. Students log into KSIS by using their eID and password to access their academic record. K-State policy mandates that student's keep their eID password private. K-State policy prohibits using someone else's eID or sharing passwords. 

Will credit earned be accepted by other universities and colleges?

Each university and/or college will have separate policies on whether or not they accept college credit earned during high school. Please check with an admissions counselor at the university or college you plan to enroll after you receive your high school diploma or GED.They will determine whether or not they will accept the academic credit. If academic credit will be accepted, a transcript request must be submitted for K-State to send your transcript. 

How do I order a transcript?

Students will receive one free transcript to be sent. Students must email profed@ksu.edu indicating the institution they want their transcript sent to. After their one free transcript has been sent future transcripts are ordered through students' KSIS accounts. Students can view instructions by visiting the KSIS How to webpage. 

Who do I call to arrange a campus tour?

We welcome any prospective student to campus. Please visit the Admissions webpage or call 785-826-2640 to schedule a tour. 

How much will a course cost?

High school students receive a reduced tuition rate of $122 per credit hour for course levels 299 or below. Campus privilege fees will apply to students taking courses on campus.

If I want to attend K-State as a full-time degree-seeking student, what do I need to do?

Students will need to complete the admission application a second time and submit high school transcripts with final grades. If you paid the $40 application fee you will not be charged a second time. If you have not paid the $40 application fee you will need to submit payment before your application will be processed. 

Can I drop a course?

Yes, you can drop a course. Keep in mind that dropped courses may still be part of your academic record. There are also refund dates associated with dropped courses. You will have a short time to drop a course with a 100% refund. Please see the Academic Calendar for official drop dates. 

I still have questions.

Help is available. At anytime a question or concern arises, please contact profed@k-state.edu or 785-826-2633 for more information.