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Introduction to Aircraft Certification


This course will overview the basic elements of the certification process of aircraft, including airframe, engine, and aircraft components. Attendees will gain an understanding and appreciation of the broad elements of production certification, type certification, supplemental type certification and their corresponding DOD processes. An emphasis will be placed on understanding regulations, structures, and requirements related in part to Part 14 CFR, as well as safety partnerships and opportunities.

Online modules will focus on FAA regulatory organization and structure, including Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations and the FAA RGL. The classroom instruction will provide participants the opportunity to work through practical exercises using the FAA regulation process.

This course is the first of four courses for the Kansas State Polytechnic Aircraft Certification Program. For details of the complete program, please visit the Program homepage.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Understanding of the history and future of aircraft certification within the US
  • Familiarity with the legislative framework, organizational structure, and roles within which the FAA operates
  • Comprehension of the regulatory basis of aircraft certification related to Part 14 CFR
  • Demonstrated ability to locate guidance documents such that the student knows where to seek citable answers to specific questions

This hybrid course consists of seven online modules and three days of classroom instruction for a total of 45 instructional hours over the course of eight weeks.

Online module dates: January 17-March 7, 2018

In person instruction dates: March 14-16, 2018

Location: National Center for Aviation Training, Wichita, Kansas

Cost: Early bird rate of $1,750 before December 20, 2017

$2,000 per attendee after December 20, 2017

Registration deadline: January 9, 2018

PDHs: 45 | CEUs: 4.5

Registration fee includes course instruction and materials and parking permit and lunch for in person instruction. Travel is not included in the registration fee and are the attendee's responsibility.


A discounted rate is offered for companies or organizations sending multiple attendees. Discounts are tied to number of attendees as follows:

Number of registrantsAvailable discountTotal price with early bird rateTotal price with full rate
3 registrants per company1 registration 50% off $4,375$5,000
4 registrants per company1 registration free  $5,250$6,000

For companies or organizations sending more than four employees, discounts will be applied in the same increments as indicated above.

A discounted registration rate is offered to current graduate and post doctoral students. To be eligible for the academia discount, students should complete a scholarship application form and submit proof of enrollment status by December 20, 2017. Download the application form for additional details on how to apply.


Please contact Professional Education and Outreach at profed@k-state.edu or call our toll free number at 855-552-0079.

About the Instructor

Larry Van Dyke, ICX Consulting

Mr. Van Dyke has over 45 years in aircraft design, certification, and aircraft project management. Formerly the Director of Certification at Cessna Aircraft Company, he now serves as President of ICX Consulting. He has designed and developed computer programs to streamline and simplify the certification processes, while developing requirements for next generation computer programs. Currently he works as a consultant on aircraft certification processes and FAA Organizational Designation Authorization (ODA) procedures.