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Kansas State Polytechnic

Professional Education and Outreach
2310 Centennial Road
Outreach Center
Salina, KS 67401-8196

855-552-0079 toll free
785-826-2633 phone
785-826-2632 fax


Offered for active duty and veterans who are eligible under the experience requirements defined by FAR 65.77 who have 18 or 30 months of combined practical experience in airframe and powerplant maintenance.

Please refer to FSIMS (Flight Standards Information Management System) for the latest Military Occupational Specialty code tables. These tables are listed inVolume 5, Chapter 5, Section 2 (PDF) (ref. pgs. 17-30).






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K-State Representative

Dominic Barnes
Wainwright Hall
Building 211, Room 211B
Phone: 785-313-7820
Email: dombarnes@ksu.edu

Course Costs

Tuition: $292.65 per credit hour
Tuition Assistance currently pays $250 per credit hour.
K-State Polytechnic is currently scholarshiping the difference for no out-of-pocket cost to our soldiers.