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Kansas State Polytechnic


Professional Education and Outreach
2310 Centennial Road
Outreach Center
Salina, KS 67401-8196

855-552-0079 toll free
785-826-2633 phone
785-826-2632 fax

K-State Polytechnic Contacts

Steven Ley
Aviation Maintenance Management Program Lead

Danielle Brown
Professional Education and Outreach Director

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K-State Representative

Dominic Barnes
Fort Riley Education Office
Custer Ave
Building 215, Room 133
Phone: 785-239-0685
Email: dombarnes@ksu.edu

Course Costs

Tuition: $284.40 per credit hour (includes an $11.00 technology fee that Tuition Assistance does not cover). 
Tuition Assistance currently pays up to $250.00 per credit hour