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Continuing Education Units

The primary purpose of Continuing Education hours is to provide a permanent record of the educational activities of a professional.

K-State Continuing Education Requirements

Programs offered for continuing education hours from Kansas State University verify that:

  • educational content is provided by an expert from Kansas State University, or
  • content and instructional provider(s) have been reviewed and approved by Kansas State University.

The sponsoring organization must submit the following information to K-State:

  • schedule of event
  • program goals and objectives
  • curriculum vitas (bios) for all presenters

A content expert from the university will  review the content and the qualifications of the instructors/presenters. K-State will approve or deny the continuing education for the program. Feedback is provided for the sponsoring agency when continuing education is denied.

In addition to content review, a program coordinator confirms that the location of the event is ADA compliant. The schedule of events is reviewed to calculate the appropriate number of contact hours. K-State continuing education hours are awarded for instructional content only. Instructional hours do not include time involved in coffee breaks, meals, social activities, or business and committee meetings.

Awarding credit for Continuing Education activities varies from state to state. It is the responsibility of each professional to verify with their state accrediting agency to see if K-State Continuing Education hours are accepted.

Continuing Education FAQs

Q. Is there a charge to obtain K-State Continuing Education for our program?

If your organization/association is not affiliated with Kansas State University and your event is not being coordinated by Kansas State University, there is a charge for the review of the program. If your program is approved for K-State Continuing Education, there is an administrative fee for setting up the continuing education database and a $20 per person fee for issuing the certificate of continuing education and maintaining the record of continuing education within the university database.

If your event is affiliated with the university (K-State faculty member on a planning team, for example), there is no review fee. If Professional Education and Outreach is also providing registration services fees, there is a $10 per person fee for issuing the certificate of continuing education and maintaining the record of continuing education within the database indefinitely. If Professional Education and Outreach is not taking the registration for the event, the per person fee is $20.

Q. Is K-State Continuing Education all we can receive for our program?

No. If Professional Education and Outreach is coordinating your event, the program coordinator can discuss other continuing education opportunities that may be appropriate for your attendees. The program coordinator can apply for program pre-approval from other accrediting agencies. There may be application fees assessed to your program directly from the professional accrediting agency.

Q. How do I begin the process to obtain K-State Continuing Education for my program/event?

Contact us at 855-552-0079 or profed@k-state.edu.