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Professional Master of Technology Curriculum

The Professional Master of Technology requires 30 hours of coursework to complete the degree. Qualified faculty work cooperatively with each graduate student to develop highly individualized plans of study. As one of the first Professional Master of Technology degree in the state of Kansas, this program provides unique educational opportunities for college graduates and industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Students may transfer in up to nine graduate credit hours from another accredited institution, with approval of their advisor, their committee, and the Graduate School. Students may enroll in relevant graduate level courses on the Manhattan campus to fulfill elective requirements if approved as part of their formal program of study. 

Required Common Core Courses (15 credit hours)

  • COT 701 Advanced Technical Communication
  • COT 703 Project Management for Professionals
  • COT 704 Managerial Finances, Metrics and Analytics
  • COT 705 Transformational Leadership for Technology
  • COT 706 Informatics and Technology Management

Course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalog

Capstone Experience (3 credit hours)

  • COT 781 Capstone Experience for Professional Master of Technology

 Area of Concentration (12 credit hours)

The area of concentrations are being revised. Contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Don Von Bergen, dvb@k-state.edu, for further information.





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Application Deadlines

March 1 - Fall Semester
October 1 - Spring Semester
February 1 - Summer Semester

Late applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please consult the Graduate Program Director for more information.

Approximate Program Cost

Resident - $11,000

Non-resident, hybrid, & on-line - $18,000

Tuition costs vary year to year. Costs above figured on 30 credit hours.

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Don Von Bergen

Raju Dandu