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Professional Master of Technology

The Professional Master of Technology degree is designed for you, an industry professional or recent graduate, who is ready to advance your career.  This program focuses on applied research projects to build upon your existing skill set and develops core competencies, preparing you to contribute to your company and advance your career. Upon completion of relevant industry courses, such as project management, financial analytics, transformational leadership and informatics management, you are prepared for the next step in your career. ​


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Application Deadlines

March 1 - Fall Semester
October 1 - Spring Semester
February 1 - Summer Semester

Late applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please consult the Graduate Program Director for more information.

Approximate Program Cost

Resident - $11,000
Non-Resident - $25,000
On-line - $18,000

Tuition costs vary year to year. Costs above figured on 30 credit hours.

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Don Von Bergen

Raju Dandu