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Success Stories

Meet Bill Badnaruk!

William Badnaruk

Location: Sarasota, FL

Current Position: Sales Manager

Company: TBM-UAS a subsidiary of Troybuilt Models

Bill found himself at an impasse with his education and took the route of completing a Technology Management degree. Bill comments that the, “program was a great experience. It allowed me to focus my studies on an industry I wanted to enter, while giving me the tools to be competitive in a broad swath of careers.”

We asked Bill, why did you choose the Technology Management degree?

My previously chosen path was not as appealing as previously thought; however, I still very much wanted to work within the Aviation industry. The Technology Management degree gave me the tools to be able to do so, while allowing me the freedom to concentrate in a specific field of study.

Bill commented further, the Technology Management degree has allowed me the flexibility to work for different industries in different capacities, from marketing and project managing, to where I currently am within the UAS industry. At the same time, armed with the knowledge gained from the business/management courses allowed me to position myself to work in the unmanned aircraft systems industry has been most rewarding.