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Purple at Heart

No matter where you’re from or where you’re going, 
once you’ve been a Wildcat you’ll always be purple at heart.

Chances are, you probably know someone that’s been a Wildcat. Whether they’re a current student, graduate or faculty or staff member, K-Staters are proud people that bleed purple. But just as much as Wildcats value their connection to the university, K-State also holds its loyalists in the highest regard. 

To showcase our Wildcats and their thriving spirit, dedication to excellence and community contributions, Kansas State Polytechnic is honoring them in a new story series called “Purple at Heart.” Journey with an aviation student as she pursues her true calling after a life-changing internship and get to know two professors determined to make a difference in their classroom by conducting a fascinating study. It’s an in-depth look at our Wildcats like never before.

And there are thousands of these narratives just waiting to be told - everyday Wildcats doing extraordinary things. If you know someone with a connection to Kansas State Polytechnic that has a compelling story, email your ideas to communications and alumni coordinator, Julee Cobb, at julee@k-state.edu.