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National Distance Learning Week - Select a Mentor and Win and iPad AIR contest!

National Distance Learning Week

A personal mentor can aid you in your academic and professional success. To kick off our Technology Management Mentor Program we are challenging students to identify a person who can serve as your academic and professional mentor. A mentor is someone you can connect with, who makes you accountable, and will be a champion to your successes. 


How to get started? 


  • Once you have selected your mentor, email Julie Wilson at jules@ksu.edu to submit your mentor's name, title, place of employment, and email address.  Also give us your mailing address.  Do this by November 1, 2013. Upon submission, you will be mailed a Willie the Wildcat and asked to complete the following tasks by November 12 at 11:59pm CST to be entered to win:
    • Take a photo with your mentor and the Willie the Wildcat you were provided with.
    • Display your Willie the Wildcat proudly at your work or home office.
    • Create a vision statement for your future.
    • Submit your photo and vision statement by filling out this form.


View these resources to help you create a vision statement: 

Building a Personal Vision Statement by John Gillespie-Brown

Vision Values Worksheet from the University of Washington


We will encourage mentors and students to meet at least four times per year to connect and provide guidance. Students and mentors will be provided with additional resources throughout the year. We are excited to kick off this mentor program and look forward to receiving your photos.