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Connecting to Secure KSU Wireless on Windows 8

A valid K-State eID/password is required to connect to the secure "KSU Wireless" or "KSU Housing" networks.  The steps to connect are listed below:

  1. From the desktop screen, click on the wireless icon in the system tray (lower-right corner of the desktop)
    Windows8 Systray Wireless

  2. Select "KSU Wireless" or "KSU Housing" and click "Connect".
    Windows8 Wireless Connect

  3. You will receive a message that says Windows can't verify the server's identity.  You can click "Show certificate details" to view the server thumbprint.  Verify that the SHA1 thumbprint shown matches one of the servers listed below and then click "Connect".

    Salina Radius Server Certificate Details
    Radius ServerSHA1 Thumbprint/FingerprintRoot CA
    sln-radius01.users.campus0D 91 CE 29 EF 53 F2 C5 71 A3 4D 7E ED 60 4E A2 93 BA 92 10AddTrust External CA Root
    sln-radius02.users.campus63 27 CC B1 F3 A7 91 72 CA A7 D7 96 5D DB E4 AD 7D 9F F7 D5AddTrust External CA Root

  4. Enter your k-state eID and eID password and click "OK"
    Windows8 Wireless Authentication

  5. You may receive a second message that says Windows can't verify the server's identity.  Again, verify the server thumbprint matches the number given in the steps above and click "Connect".