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Connecting from home with Windows . . . to a Windows office computer

Note: Before attempting to connect, make sure you've properly configured your Windows office computer and that you've installed the necessary software on your home computer.

  1. Connect to the VPN by clicking on the OpenVPN icon on your desktop or in your start menu.
    Open VPN icon

  2. In the OpenVPN Client window, type in vpn.salina.k-state.edu and click Connect.
    Open VPN desktop connect

  3. Enter your eID and password and click login.
    Open VPN desktop login

  4. Once a successful connection has been made you should see a window similar to the one below:
    Open VPN desktop success

  5. Click the Start button.  In the text box type in mstsc and hit Enter.

  6. A Remote Desktop Connection window will appear. Press the "Options" drop-down button (lower-left corner).
    RDP Desktop Connection Window

  7. Fill in the Computer and User name fields, and then click Connect:
    • Computer: (IP address or DNS name of your office computer - eg. "jsmith.sal.ksu.edu")
    • User name: (SALINA\"your Salina ID")
    Remote Desktop Connection Options
    Note: you can save your connection settings to a shortcut on your desktop by clicking "Save" or "Save As".

  8. You may receive a warning like the one below. Put a check in Don't ask me again... and click Yes.
    RDP Client warning

  9. A window with a login screen for your office computer should appear. Log in just as you would if you were in your office, with your Salina user-ID and password.
    Remote Desktop Connection Credentials