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Salina VPN / Remote Desktop Access - General Information

K-State Salina's VPN service allows you to establish an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the Salina campus' VPN server. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is needed to access non-public resources on K-State Salina's network from off-campus. Note: Use of the VPN is limited to K-State Salina faculty and staff and requires prior approval from the corresponding department head. Users wanting general VPN access to K-State's Manhattan campus should refer to the ITS VPN page.

Remote Desktop Access describes the process of using one computer to "remotely control" another computer.

When used together, a VPN connection and Remote Desktop Access can allow K-State Salina faculty/staff the ability to securely "remote in" to their office computer when they are away from work. In order to "remote in" to your office computer from home, you will need to do three things:

STEP 1: Set up your OFFICE computer

My office computer is running: ( Windows | Mac OS X )

STEP 2: Set up your HOME computer

My home computer is running: ( Windows | Mac OS X )

STEP 3: Connect

Select your connection type below: