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Kansas State Polytechnic

Residential Networking

Each room in the Kansas State Polytechnic residence halls is supplied with 2 data jacks and 2 telephone jacks.  Data jacks use a standard RJ-45 (8 contact modular) interface for 10/100 fast ethernet connections. Residents may register multiple devices (eg. personal computer, XBox), but only one registered device may be actively connected to a data jack at a time; routers, switches, wireless access points, and other networking devices are not allowed.  Students also have access to Kansas State Polytechnic's wireless network from their room.

Equipment / Software Needed

Each resident must supply a Category 5 data cable and have an ethernet jack on their computer or gaming console. Before connecting to the network, residents will need to configure their equipment to use DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS server.  Computers will additionally need to install K-State's antivirus software


Registration of student computers/gaming consoles is required to gain access to the network. An online registration form is available when using a computer with a web-browser, and will appear automatically for browser-based devices when attempting to connect to the internet from an unregistered jack. Users wanting to register a gaming console (XBox, Playstation) should verify the ethernet (MAC) address of their gaming console and visit the Information Systems office to fill out an "Application for Dorm Network Connection".

How do I find the ethernet (MAC) address of my gaming console?

Windows Update Service

Current patches and updates for on-campus computers running Microsoft operating systems are provided by Kansas State Polytechnic's Windows Update Server.  Information Systems strongly recommends that on-campus residents configure their computer to use the Campus Update Server.

The Kansas State Polytechnic Windows Update Client Installer takes care of making all of the necessary changes to point your computer at the campus update server.  Simply download the installer and run it to adjust your settings.

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of each semester the Kansas State Polytechnic Windows Update Client will automatically prompt you to uninstall it.  It will also undo all of the changes it made, returning your settings to their original state.  The most current installer will be made available either on this page or through the Information Systems office and should be re-downloaded and installed at the beginning of each semester.