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Buying a Computer

Kansas State University does not require new students to purchase a computer.

However, students use computers in their coursework in many ways. K-State Salina's high-speed campus data network allows access from computers in various locations, including residence-hall rooms, off-campus, in the library and some of the technology classrooms. The library’s catalog of materials and some full-text databases are online. K-State’s web sites at ou-dev.preview.web.k-state.edu/polytechnic and www.k-state.edu have information about courses, educational programs, employment opportunities, recreation, news, and more.

If you are planning on buying a computer, Information Technology maintains a list of general computer purchase recommendations. Please consult your department and/or advisor before making a purchase decision to ensure that your computer will work well for your specific field of study,

Does K-State provide computers for student use?

K-State provides several computing labs on campus, as well as the library. Most labs and the library are open long hours on weekdays, and the library is open on weekends.

Can I use an older computer?

You will be able to complete simple assignments and have limited use of the campus network with older, slower equipment than is suggested, particularly during the freshman and sophomore years. More advanced applications will likely be required as you get into a major field of study. As Internet multimedia resources are used increasingly in classroom assignments and in student research, computer features that become more essential include processor speed, memory, and the ability to receive sound, images, and video.

What software will I need?

To begin your student career, you probably need no more software than a good integrated package which includes word processing, database, telecommunications, graphics, and spreadsheet software. OpenOffice.org, is a free download that should take care of those functions. Other software can be added as needed and depends on the requirements of the courses you enroll in. Software should be file-compatible with the software that is provided in the computer labs. To see what software is available on campus, check each computing lab. To keep your computer virus free, the university has purchased Anti-virus software for students, faculty and staff. Additionally, for an HTML editor, we recommend Kompozer.

If you have questions

Contact the Information Systems Dept., 184 Technology Center, (785) 826-2666.