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Student Employment

To be eligible for student employment, the student must be enrolled in 6 credit hours for Fall and Spring Semesters or 3 credit hours during the Summer Sessions.  In combination of all departments, a student is limited to working 30 hours per week while school is in session.  An original social security card must be presented to Human Resources. For more detailed information regarding student employment please go to KSU Policy & Procedure Manual, Chapter 4720: http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/4720.html


  • The Department must complete a Student Employee Work Request, and submit it to the Polytechnic Campus HR Office.   The preferred method of sending to HR is by e-mail to both Denise Werth, dwerth@ksu.edu ,and Marlene Walker, walkerm@ksu.edu .
  • The Department must verify that student has an original social security card as required by Kansas State University HR for employment and a driver’s license or student identification card.
  • Department will contact student to schedule an appointment with the Polytechnic Campus HR Office for completion of appointment paperwork. 


Department must complete a Student Termination Request, obtain the supervisor’s signature, and forward it to Polytechnic Campus HR.  

Student Forms:

  • Student Employee Request
  • Student Wage Increase/Decrease, Funding Changes and Termination Request This is an interactive PDF form. To view it properly, you must save it to your computer (by right-clicking the link and choosing to "Save link/target as...") and then open the file with a current version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
    • Please remember to:
      • Add student's name in the 'Subject' line
      • Use the 'tab' key to progress through the form
      • Department head/director must forward the request, noting their approval
  • Student Performance Review
  • Student Termination Request
    • Please remember to:
      • Check the 'Highlight Fields' box in the upper right-hand corner and fill in the highlighted areas  (Information may be obtained from student’s information located in HRIS e-time panel.)
      • Student’s supervisor must sign termination form
      • Forward form with student's name in the subject line
      • Completing the address fields is not required but helpful if you know the student is moving