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Graduate Teaching Assistants

To be accepted as a graduate student, for details, please go to  http://www.k-state.edu/grad/


  • Department Heads/Director must fully complete a Freeze Waiver Form and submit it directly to the Office of the Dean for approval.
  • Upon approval, the Freeze Waiver Form will be returned to the department.
  • The Department must complete a Graduate Student Work Request, attach the approved Freeze Waiver Form, and submit it to the Polytechnic Campus HCS Office.
  • Department will contact graduate student to schedule an appointment with the Polytechnic Campus HCS Office for completion of appointment paperwork.
  • Health insurance is mandatory for all international students.

Graduation Teaching Assistant Tuition Waiver

  • Student must hold employment September 1 through November 17th for Fall Semester or from February 1 through April 17 Spring Semester in order to receive tuition benefits for the applicable semester.  Note: Graduate student appointment can be made before those dates.  Tuition Waiver is based on graduate student FTE.


Department must complete a Graduate Student Termination Request and forward it to Polytechnic Campus HCS. 

Graduate Student Forms:

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