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Summer Contracts 2014

Spring 2014 Semester ends on May 9th, and it is time to begin submitting your department's 2014 Summer Session Contract Initiation Requests to hire faculty.   Information and forms are also available at the Polytechnic HR web site:  /hr/index.html 

Note: Summer 2014 will have six (6) payroll periods this summer.  The first summer pay period will begin 05-25-14 and the last summer pay period will end 08-16-14.  Nine month employees will have six unpaid summer pay periods unless they have summer school or summer appointments.  

Please use the below applicable Contract Initiation Forms: 

Note for Continuing Education Summer Teaching Appointments : If your department has a course through Continuing Education, please obtain signature approval from Continuing Education (approval section located at bottom of form ). 



A "payroll guarantee" date, located below, shows when paperwork must be completed and submitted from our office to Human Resources in Manhattan for an on-time payroll check. The contract initiation form, pay rates, and PER 20 English Speaking Assessment forms websites are included for your convenience. 

Per David Delker, the salary schedule for faculty teaching Summer 2014 Courses will be "80% of their base salary."


SESSION I - 6 WEEK COURSE /May 27 - July 3, 2014- 3 PAYROLL PERIODS 

Payroll Period Dates: 05-25-14 to 07-05-14 

PAYROLL GUARANTEE DATE: 05-22-14/Thursday 

First Payroll Check: June 20, 2014

Last Payroll Check: July 18, 2014  


SESSION II - 8 WEEK COURSE/ June 9 - August 1, 2014- 4 PAYROLL PERIODS 

Payroll Period Dates: 06-08-14 to 08-02-14 

PAYROLL GUARANTEE DATE:  06-05-14/Thursday 

First Payroll Check: July 3, 2014 

Last Payroll Check: August 15, 2014  


SESSION III - 6 WEEK COURSE / July 7 - August 15, 2014 - 3 PAYROLLPERIODS

 Payroll Period Dates 07-06-14 to 08-16-14

PAYROLL GUARANTEE DATE: 07-03-14/Thursday 

First Payroll Check: August 1, 2014

Last Payroll Check:  August 29, 2014



Please notify both Denise Werth and Marlene Walker via E-mail of any canceled summer classes from your department. 



A faculty member cannot work over 1.0 FTE during any summer session or combined sessions without an overload approval. This includes a faculty member teaching at the main campus, for Continuing Education, or on a grant. All time worked with other departments or colleges count against our FTE. 

If you think a faculty member may be close to an overload , please contact our office for review of committed FTE . If an overload occurs, an overload form will be prepared. The overload form requires the Dean's and the Provost's approval signature. 



If you have an employee that will be teaching over 50% FTE and has not taught 50% FTE in the past, you will need to: 

  1. Obtain  the Office of the Dean's approval 
  2. Complete an Appendix 12 (Newly Revised 04-14 located at  http://www.k-state.edu/affact/recruitment/2014Appendix12.pdf)
  3. Write a waiver of recruitment letter addressed to Roberta Maldando-Franzen, Director of Affirmative Action 
  4. Submit the Appendix 12 and waiver letter to HR/Fiscal Affairs (Denise Werth) 
  5. Upon obtaining the Affirmative Action Office's approval, the contract will be prepared by the Affirmative Action Office and signed by the Provost.           
  6. This process takes a little longer, so please begin working on this process immediately, if you have this type of appointment. 

If you are hiring an unclassified employee that is employed on the Manhattan Campus, you will need to ensure that between their combined appointments, with the main campus and our college, their FTE does not exceed 1.0 FTE. (Over 1.0 FTE requires the Provost's approval and is considered an overload.) 

If you are hiring a new faculty member, please complete KSU's Faculty and GTA Spoken English Competency Assessment Sheet, PER 20, Revised 8/2010.  http://www.k-state.edu/hr/forms/per20.pdf

In order to hire an "exempt" employee from another state agency, you will need to obtain an approval letter with their director's signature stating that employment with Kansas State Polytechnic will not interfere in that agency's employment of that individual. Contact Denise or myself for details. 

We cannot hire a non-exempt (hourly employee - neither classified nor unclassified) State of Kansas employee as an exempt (salaried) instructor. 

Also, please double-check information regarding the employee's address and telephone information on the Contract Initiation Form to ensure they are current. 

If you have any questions, please contact Marlene Walker or Denise Werth.