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Kansas State Polytechnic

Kansas State Polytechnic
2310 Centennial Road
Salina, KS 67401-8196

Operator: 785-826-2672
Admissions: 785-826-2640


Beyond your student’s academic program at K-State Polytechnic, experiences outside of the classroom including extracurricular activities, community service events, and other involvement opportunities help to ensure that your student finds their niche within the K-State community. The contact information and list of clubs that are registered with SGA are listed below, so feel free to reach out for more information, attend a meeting, and get involved!

For general questions contact:

Julie Rowe



AAAE Student Chapter (American Association of Airport Executives)
President: Nicole Johnson
Email: johnsonnm@ksu.edu 
Advisor: Tara Harl
First Wednesday at building 820 at 7:00pm

Aerospace Maintenance Professionals
President: John Ruenzi
Email: jwruenzi@ksu.edu
Advisor: George Hiechel
Wednesday 6:30p at Applebee's

Alpha Eta Rho
President: Klayton Beasley
Email: cboucher@ksu.edu
Advisor: Bill Gross
Facebook Page: Alpha Eta Rho at Kansas State University
Meetings Wednesdays at 7:30p, in the Library Community Room

Baja SAE
President: TBD
Advisor: Raju Dandu
Email: rdandu@ksu.edu

Baseball Club
President: Jereme Jones
Email: jereme@ksu.edu
Advisor: Jess Simpson

Cat Cannon
President: Travis Rolfs
Email: tjrolfs@ksu.edu
Advisor: Raju Dandu

Christian Challenge
President: Ian Bonsall
Email: ibonsall14@ksu.edu
Advisor: Terry Baldwin and Becky DeGreef
Facebook Page: K-State Salina Christian Challenge
Meetings on Thursdays at 8:00pm in the Cafeteria
Kansas Wesleyan also involved Wednesdays at 7:30am in the cafeteria with a bible study breakfast

Club Basketball
President: Torrance Hollins
Email: hollinsta@ksu.edu
Advisor: Kyle Chamberlin
Facebook Page:  K-State Polytechnic Men’s Basketball Team

Financial Planning Association
President: Sevda Tasci
Email: sevdat@ksu.edu
Advisor: Roxanne Martens
Facebook Page: FPA (Financial Planning Association) of K-State Salina
Meetings on 3rd Wednesday of the month at the SLC Cessna Lounge 8:30am

Flight Team
President: Austin Baily
Vice President: Matthew Katzke
Email: ambaily@ksu.edu
Advisor: Bill Gross and Dennis Kuhlman
Facebook Page: Kansas State University Salina Flight Team
Meetings Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30p in Aviation Center

Innovative Manufacturing Club
President: Jason Hager
Email: jhager71@ksu.edu
Advisor: Dustin Keiswetter

K-State Polytechnic Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter
President: Logan Gideon
Email: llgideon@k-state.edu
Advisor: Troy Harding

K-State Polytechnic Student Veterans Association
President: Josh Fisher
Email: studentveterans@ksu.edu
Advisor: Jimmy Splichal and Drew Smith
Facebook Page: K-State Polytechnic Student Veterans Association

KGB (K-State Gamers Board)
President: Grant Schorgl
Email: gjschorgl@ksu.edu
Advisor: TBD
Facebook Page: K-State Gamers Board (KGB)

Mountain Bike Club
President: Michael Wilson
Email: mwwilson@ksu.edu
Advisor: TBD
Facebook Page: K-State Salina Mountain Bike Club

Multicultural Student Union
President: Taya Smith
Email: teaashas@ksu.edu
Advisor: TBD

President: Tristan Ptacek 
Email: tdptacek@ksu.edu
Advisor: Joel Matthews
Facebook Page: Otakats (K-State Salina Anime Club)
Thursday 7:30p meeting in CCCR

Newman Club
President: Colton Linenberger
Email: colton96@ksu.edu
Advisor: Becky DeGreeff
October 3rd at 7p in LCR "Just War Theory" Social Work Wildcats

Phi Delta Theta
President: Jake Stewart
Email: jstewartranch@ksu.edu
Advisor: Joel Matthews
Facebook Page: Phi Delta Theta Kansas Eta
Mondays at 8:30p in CCCR

Programming Board
President: Robert Thomas
Email: robertmthomas@ksu.edu
Advisor: Amy Sellers
Facebook Page: K-State Polytechnic Programming Board

RC Club
President: Devon Zimmerman
Email: dzimmerman@ksu.edu
Advisor: Andrew Smith
Facebook Page: K-State Polytechnic RC Club

Robotics Club
President: Justin Noggle
Email: noggleju@ksu.edu
Advisor: Tim Bower

President: Christian Coker
Email: motox16@ksu.edu
Advisor: Brad Caywood

Social Work Wildcats
President: Yesenia Perales
Email: michel22@ksu.edu
Advisor: Deb Marseline
Facebook Page: Socialwork Wildcats
Meetings on Tuesdays at 5:30p in TC106

Unmanned Aircraft Systems
President: Kendy Edmonds
Advisor: Tim Bruner
Facebook Page:  KSU Polytechnic UAS

Women in Aviation
President: Whitney Alexander
Email: wra@ksu.edu
Advisor: Andy Meyer
Facebook Page: Women in Aviation K-State Chapter
Meetings on Mondays at 8:30pm in TC107

Women’s Air Race Classic
President: Madison Perry
Email: maddie21@k-state.edu
Advisor: TBD