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Kansas State Polytechnic

Help Desk • Client Services • 785-826-2911


You can think of Client Services as the concierge for all Facilities matters at Kansas State Polytechnic Campus. If our Client Services staff cannot immediately provide guidance in solving the problem, they have access to all Facilities Department resources toward that end… a satisfied client.

General service requests likely include:
Repair and/or Rehabilitation requests likely include:
  • Requesting Work Orders for the following:
    • Damaged or inoperable doors or windows
    • Inoperable heating or cooling
    • Highly worn finishes such as paint, flooring, or whiteboards
    • Broken, damaged, or inaccessible walks or drives
    • Dead or damaged landscaping
Planning and Programming requests likely include:
Administrative requests likely concern:
  • Archived plans and drawings, space utilization
  • Real Property tracking and inventory
  • Environment, Health & Safety policies and mandates
  • Physical facilities budget, utilities and contract information

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