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Engineering Technology

Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus' engineering technology program has a rich history that dates back almost 50 years. When the campus was established in 1965 as Schilling Institute, it was the only technical school in Kansas to offer two-year degrees in science and technology. A few years later, it provided the first computer science degree by a college or university in the state. Although the university is proud of the program’s deeply rooted fundamentals, technology is constantly changing and pushing boundaries, so today’s education must be representative of tomorrow’s problems. 

Kansas State Polytechnic believes in emphasizing an engineering technology program with practical application at the forefront. With veteran faculty who are regularly conducting research in their fields and staying connected with industry leaders, students will learn through applied innovation and realistic experiences. Students will also be given the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by designing, building and testing. Each class is created to translate the curriculum into career success.

Kansas State Polytechnic's engineering technology graduates are highly sought after because as students, you receive the essential skills and techniques for product development, implementation and project management. The program is not only multifaceted but additionally progressive, so graduates will also be prepared to compete in the global market.

Within the engineering technology program, students can choose a focus area that includes computer systems technology, digital media technology, electronic and computer engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology and web development technology.