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From the CEO & Dean

Kansas State Polytechnic family,

I am honored to be the CEO and Dean of Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus and to be exploring our opportunities to grow — our academics, our student life offerings, and our facilities.

The enthusiasm, skills, talents, and passion of the faculty and staff, the student body, and the Salina community and surrounding area, as well as our relationships with the K-State campuses in Manhattan and Olathe, will play an integral role in meeting our visionary goals for K-State 2025.

The faculty and staff will provide valuable research and knowledge as we look to expand our academic offerings, continue to increase enrollment in our current programs, and maintain the friendly, student-oriented atmosphere that our campus offers.

Student activities, organizations, and opportunities will continue to expand as our students share their interests and insights with their peers. I'm excited that I have had the opportunity to participate in student traditions such as Wildcat Welcome Week, Chili Cook-Off, and Casino Night as I am eager to see what new traditions our students will start.

Salina, Saline County, and the surrounding area have been very supportive of our campus in the past and I hope that support and our ties to the community will only increase as we work towards our 2025 goals. Our students benefit immeasurably from internships, corporate partnerships, scholarship opportunities, and the Purple Pride that this community provides.

Feel free to stop by my office when you're on campus. I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Verna Fitzsimmons
CEO and Dean

Dr. Fitzsimmons

Verna Fitzsimmons
CEO & Dean