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Kansas State Polytechnic

Kansas State Polytechnic
2310 Centennial Road
Salina, KS 67401-8196

Civic Luncheon Lecture 

February 11 | noon to 1 p.m. | College Center Conference Room

Right! Left! Right! Left! How to Get Your Voice Heard in the Two Party System

Learn how to get your voice heard in today's political system and any other question you may have about civics and helping make your company or community a better place to live through good government. 

Clay Barker, Executive Director of the Kansas Republican Party
Kerry Gooch, Executive Director of Kansas Democratic Party

Jon Blanchard, Salina Mayor

Lunch is available at the K-State College Center Cafe prior to the noon event, or the general public can take lunch trays into the Conference room during the presentation which will end at 1:00 pm. For more information, contact Greg Stephens at 785-819-6887.