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Career Options

Applied business graduates are better prepared to begin careers in the fields of retail, sales, management and general business. Having a foundation of business courses, as well as increased communication skills, will increase your opportunities in the demanding business world.

Through the applied business degree, you'll develop the skills you need to compete in the challenging career field of business. Employers are always looking for that employee who stands above the rest. With a two-year business degree from Kansas State University, you will have an advantage over those with just a high school diploma.The applied business degree will give you the competitive edge by providing not only a background in business but also the understanding of what it takes to be successful in the business world.

K-State business graduates find jobs with large corporations and small businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They are involved with banking activities, trading on the commodity and stock exchanges, working in advertising agencies, practicing accounting in public and private firms, and working in major manufacturing businesses. They can also be found helping small businesses grow, working in family businesses, and even starting their own businesses. Our graduates also hire and supervise employees, train new managers, plan budgets, create new products, and set up company-wide information systems.