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UAS Fleet and Payloads

Kansas State Polytechnic has a large and diverse fleet. There are close to 50 aircraft. The fleet consists of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft (both single rotor and multi-rotors). Fixed wing aircraft offer higher payload, higher speed, and longer flight endurance. Rotary wing offers the ability for an aircraft to hover and land/takeoff in a confined area.

Kansas State Polytechnic’s fleet consists of gas-powered motors, used for longer endurance, and electric-powered motors used for less vibration.

In addition to aircraft, Kansas State Polytechnic has many different payloads. Data can be collected from electro-optical, near infrared, and thermal infrared cameras. An electro-optical camera is used for normal photos in the daylight and is oftentimes used for mapping, search and rescue, and industrial inspection. A near-infrared camera identifies spectral bands of light and is mostly used for agricultural applications. A thermal infrared camera identifies differences in temperatures and use used for search and rescue and industrial inspection.


K-State's UAS Fleet includes:

AircraftTypeMotorEndurance without a payload
800-class HelicopterSingle-rotorElectric powered20 minutes
AAI Aerosande Mark 4.7 Block DFixed-wingGas powered8 hours
AAI Aerosande Mark 4.7 Block EFixed-wingGas powered20 hours
Aeryon ScoutMulti-rotorElectric powered20 minutes
DJI S1000 OctocopterMulti-rotorElectric powered10 minutes
Hangar 9 "Ultra-Long-Stick"Fixed-wingElectric powered30 minutes
K-State CrowFixed-wingElectric powered30 minutes
Ritewing ZephyrFixed-wingElectric powered30 minutes
UAV Factory Penguin BFixed-wingGas powered6 hours
UTC Aerospace VireoFixed-wingElectric powered45 minutes
Viking Aerospace Wolverine IIISingle-rotorElectric powered1 hour
Skywalker 2014Fixed-wingElectric powered40 minutes
3DR X8                        Multi-rotorElectric powered15 minutes
Catwing                             Fixed-wingGas powered3 hours
APV-4                 Fixed-wingGas powered4 hours
Catapult systems (hydraulic, pneumatic, & bungee)Used as a ground support system to launch fixed-wing aircraft.


PayloadsType of Camera
Canon 6D NIRNear-Infrared
Canon S100Electro-optical
Canon S100 NIRNear-Infrared
FLIR Tau2 640 IRThermal Infrared
GoPro Hero 3Electro-optical
HD & SD Elector OpticalNear-Infrared
TASE DuiThermal Infrared and Electro-optical
TetraCam ADC MicroNear-Infrared

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