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The next 10 years are expected to be the largest hiring boom in the history of the aviation industry.

The airline industry is on the brink of what's predicted to be the biggest surge in pilot hiring in history. Aircraft maker Boeing has forecast a need for 466,650 more commercial pilots by 2029 — an average of 23,300 new pilots a year.*

The hiring surge is being fueled by several factors:

• The rapid growth of travel in Asia, which is on track as the largest air travel market in the world.
• A looming wave of pilot retirements in the USA.
• Proposed changes to rules that could increase the time pilots must train, rest and work.
• And increasing demand for air travel within the USA as the economy improves.*

Kansas State Polytechnic students have been very successful in obtaining careers in aviation. Most students begin their aviation career following graduation, with employment as flight instructors. Students have been able to obtain positions after graduation with airlines such as, American, American Eagle, America West, Continental Express, Southwest, United, and Vanguard.

However, due to the 300-500 hour flight experience requirement for most airlines, most students will need 2-3 years to accumulate the required flight time to fly for major US airlines. An active flight instructor can acquire approximately 1000 flight hours per year.

Kansas State University has many industry relationships that provide employment and internship opportunities all over the country. Some of 
those industry partnerships include American Airlines, ASA, Mesaba Airlines, Sea Port Airlines, Hawker Beechraft, Cessna and Bombardier Learjet.

* USA Today. Demand for airline pilots set to soar. June 2011