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Professional Pilot

Discover New Horizons

Thrilling flights. Panoramic views. Adventurous opportunities. The life of a professional pilot is full of exhilarating moments, but just like the properties of motion, you can’t arrive at one point without starting from another. Kansas State Polytechnic's award-winning professional pilot program is the perfect place to begin your aviation journey - with more Master Certified Aviation Instructors than any other college or university in the nation, a premium fleet of 35 aircraft and flight training devices, and a large and active regional airport steps away from the classroom, your education and experience will far outreach the highest of expectation.

Within two weeks of starting the first semester, students have the ability to fly with CFIs. You can train for ratings ranging from solo through commercial on a diverse selection of aircraft starting with Cessna 172s, and then moving on to more complex aircraft including Bonanzas and Barons. Since the program is FAR 141 approved, students are allowed to meet the commercial instrument minimum flight hour requirement of 190 hours instead of 250 hours.

With the program’s longstanding history at the university, Kansas State Polytechnic has developed and maintained numerous industry relationships with companies like ExpressJet - the largest regional air carrier in the country, FlightSafety International, Air Associates of Kansas and Desert Jet, just to name a few. These highly valued relationships ensure a level of comfort for the companies with our students, encouraging them to continue to seek out Kansas State Polytechnic professional pilots for internships and careers.


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