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Kansas State Polytechnic

Program Performance and Continuous Improvement


To produce premier aviation professionals by being the leader among collegiate aviation peers.


Excellence in aviation.  To cultivate excellence in all that we do.

Educational Philosophy

Fostering sound practice based on sound theory through instructional excellence.

Educational Objectives

Aeronautical Technology graduates should demonstrate

  1. Social and global awareness
  2. Ethical decision making
  3. Commitment to lifelong learning
  4. Service orientation
  5. Commitment to personal and technical excellence
  6. Commitment to promoting aviation safety
  7. Appreciation of environmental sustainability factors related to the aviation industry
  8. High proficiency in oral and written communication
  9. Team orientation
  10. Technical excellence (specific to each degree option)


Program Admission Requirements

Program Assessment

Assessment Plan (pdf) (Including Student Learning Outcomes and Course Alignment Matrix)

Annual Assessment Summary (pdf)

Employment Data (pdf)