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The Aviation Maintenance Management curriculum meets the rigors and requirements of the FAA Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technical School certificate program to qualify candidates to earn the prestigious Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic ratings. 

The AMM program conducts these courses in a well-equipped and large 38,000 sq.ft. hangar that has direct ramp access to the Salina airfield. This allows our students to conduct engine runs, aircraft ground operations, and aircraft taxi in an operational environment. 

Classes, computer lab, and simulator training are conducted within the modern 33,000 sq.ft. Aviation Center that also has access to the airfield as well as convenient access to the campus. All within walking distance of the Student Life Center, cafeteria, student dorms, and other campus buildings.

Hangar and Aviation Center facilities include

  • a powerplant and propeller overhaul shop,
  • tool room,
  • welding stations,
  • sheet metal equipment,
  • turbine assembly area,
  • hydraulics spaces, and
  • laboratory aircraft

for real-world, hands-on experiences including access and operation of a King Air A90.

The goal is to provide educational opportunities that align with the variety of knowledge, leadership and skill competency needs of the aerospace industry.

Maintenance Hangar