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Kansas State Polytechnic

Academic curriculum

Aviation Maintenance Management Bachelor Degree

The bachelor degree of science is designed for the maintenance technician with a future goal of a management position. This would include shop foreman, lead technician, and other supervisory positions. The additional courses will give the student background for leadership roles in the aviation maintenance area. Courses in people skills and communications, both verbal and written, are enhanced. Additional math skills as well as computer skills will be developed. There are two additional specialty areas in the maintenance field that are covered: the non-destructive testing of aviation parts and aircraft, and also the use of advanced composites in larger transport category aircraft. This degree would be a strong asset to the maintenance technician looking for employment in the airline industry.

Aviation Maintenance Management (pdf)

Areas of Concentration

With an Aviation Maintenance Management degree you can concentrate in areas such as aviation safety, avionics systems, composites structures, private pilot, business and management operations, or aerospace manufacturing. Learn more about possible job opportunities in these areas.

Areas of Concentration (pdf)

Airframe & Powerplant Certificate

As part of the 4 year bachelor degree program, students will be taking courses that are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 147 (Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools) to become candidates to earn the Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technician ratings. Upon successful completion of this portion of the curriculum, the student will be awarded a certificate of completion that will authorize them to take the FAA written, oral, and practical examinations. Once the A&P certificates are earned, the student will become part of a prestigious community of aviation professionals that is recognized by the aerospace industry world-wide. The A&P certificate not only allows a qualified and trained individual to maintain almost all forms of aircraft and propulsion systems, but it demonstrates a level of technical achievement and competency that is viewed as a preferred credential for a variety of career opportunities within the aerospace market, particularly when earned through the Kansas State Polytechnic Aviation Maintenance Management program.

Aviation Certificates (pdf)