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Kansas State Polytechnic's aviation maintenance management program produces students who will become aerospace industry leaders in the field of aviation in areas such as

  • advanced aviation sustainment systems,
  • aftermarket and business sales,
  • safety and quality.

The program uses a practical learning environment and a laboratory setting to focus on the application of aviation science and technology by understanding how to service, support, inspect, maintain and operate all different types of aircraft and propulsion systems.

Aerospace companies are looking for graduates who are competent, are self-starters, good leaders, and a great attitude. Kansas State graduates have all of these, and more. 

Graduates will have opportunities for meaningful and rewarding careers across the entire spectrum of the aerospace industry. Specific curriculum Areas of Concentration will enable students to demonstrate knowledge and skill competencies aligned to specific segments of the aerospace industry. These segments include

  • Aircraft & Engine OEM Production,
  • Aftermarket Sustainment Programs, and
  • Aftermarket Business. 

When graduates demonstrate their significant coursework to employers, they will see Areas of Concentration that involve leadership, program management, safety, quality, business and technical operations. They will also be impressed by Kansas State graduates that have established their technical credentials by earning the FAA A&P certificate.

With an Aviation Maintenance Management degree, you can concentrate in areas such as

  • aviation safety,
  • avionics systems,
  • composites structures,
  • private pilot,
  • business and management operations or
  • aerospace manufacturing.

Learn more about possible job opportunities

Areas of Concentration (pdf)

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