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Graphing Calculator Tutorials

Introduction to the TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator

This video covers:
*What edition of the calculator this tutorial covers
*How the keys are separated into sections on the calculator
*How almost all keys in the calculator serves three purposes
*How to turn the calculator on and off
*How division is displayed on the calculator
*Where the equals button is
*The difference between the negative and minus/subtraction button
*How to enter exponents. Summary can be found here: Exponents
*How to enter in square roots
*What the caret key is
*How the graphing calculator handles multiple operations in one entry
*How to clear your screen

Calculator Introduction Examples

Simplifying and Converting to Fractions

Description: Coming soon!


Simplifying Exponents/Powers

Description: Coming soon!


Simplifying Radicals/Roots

Description: Coming soon!


Multiple Operations

Description: Coming soon!