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Kansas State Polytechnic

0.7 Other Important Algebra Material

1: Rationalizing the Denominator - Simple Examples

This video covers:
*Review of how to simplify fractions
*How to rationalize the denominator when there isn't any addition or subtraction involved

Easy Rationalizing the Denominator Examples


2: Rationalizing the Denominator with Addition or Subtraction

This video covers:
*How to rationalize the denominator when there is addition or subtraction in the denominator
*Review of the vocabulary word: conjugate
*How using the conjugate helps us to rationalize the denominator
*Reminder to simplify completely

Hard Rationalizing the Denominator Examples


3: Introduction and Evaluation of Piecewise Functions

4: Graphing a Piecewise Function

5: Graphing a Piecewise Function on the Graphing Calculator

6: A Second Example of Piecewise Functions

7: A Third Example of Piecewise Functions (when pieces match at the endpoint)

8: Finding Domain and Range Visually From a Graph

9: Finding the Domain given a Function

10: Finding the Domain given a Function - More Examples