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R.2 The Number Line

1: Introduction to the Number Line

This video covers:
*Introduction to the number line and inequality symbols.
*Showing what the number line looks like.
*Identifying all four of the inequality symbols and examples of each. 

Vocabulary words: Tick Marks


Plot Points on Number Line

Inequality Fill in the Blanks

Inequality True or False


 2: Operations over Positive and Negative Numbers

This video covers:
*How to add, subtract, multiply and divide with both positive and negative numbers.


Positive and Negative Examples   


 3: Notating a Set of Numbers - Part 1: Definitions and Graphing on a Number Line

This video covers:
*Notating a set of numbers by graphing them on the number line.
*How the words "including" alter the graphing solution.
*When to use brackets and/or parenthesis on the endpoints.  

Vocabulary Words: Notation, Set of Numbers


Video 3 Examples


 4: Notating a Set of Numbers - Part 2: Interval and Set-Builder Notation

This video covers:
*What Interval Notation is and how to put a set of numbers in Interval Notation.
*What Set-Builder Notation looks like is and how to write a set of numbers in Set-Builder Notation using inequality symbols.
*How 'Bob-the-Builder' helps us remember what Set-Builder Notation is. 
*How to draw braces and what they mean.

Vocabulary Words: Braces


Video 4 Examples


 5: Notating a Set of Numbers - Part 3: Examples

This video covers:
*Examples of putting expressions in all three set notations: Graphing on a number line, interval notation, set-builder notation.
*How to represent the end of the number line in interval notation.
*Where the variable should go in set-builder notation.
*The different format that the examples can come in.


 Video 5 Examples


6: Absolute Value - Part 1: Introduction and Simple Examples

This video covers:
*The formal definition and notation of absolute value, and how it relates to the number line. 
*Finding the distance between two numbers on on the number line. 


Video 5 Examples


 7: Absolute Value - Part 2: Rules of Order

This video covers:
*Review of PEMDAS


Video 7 Examples




Coming soon:
(1) Difference between subtraction and negative symbol on graphing calculator 
(2) Absolute Value on graphing calculator
(3) Absolute Value and Rules of order on graphing calculator