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R.1 Fractions, Introduction to Exponents and Roots, and Rules of Order

1: Simplifying, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions

This video covers:
*The steps of how to simplify/reduce single fractions
*Steps to multiply and divide multiple fractions
*Different ways that multiplication can be notated (written)

Vocabulary words: Numerator, Denominator, Improper Fractions, Reciprocals


Video 1 Examples     


 2: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

This video covers:
*Steps of how to add and subtract fractions using the least common denominator
*Introducing the analogy of jealous kids in the candy store

Vocabulary words: Prime, Prime Factorization, Least Common Denominator (LCD) 


Subtract Fraction Examples


 3: Complex Fractions


This video covers:
*The definition of complex fractions
*How to convert whole numbers into fractions.
*Working through two methods to simplify/reduce complex methods.
*Method 1's goal: one fraction divided by one fraction.
*Method 2, the "Magic Trick" method, converts all fractions into the same least common denominators (LCD) to cancel out all of the denominators. 

Vocabulary words: Complex Fractions

Examples: Simplifying the complex fraction using both methods. 

Simplify Complex Fraction


 4: Introduction to Exponents and Roots

This video covers:
*The basics of how to simplify exponents and roots.
*Working with exponents involving whole numbers, fractions, and negatives.
*Simplifying square and cube roots involving whole numbers, fractions, and negatives.  
*Why you cannot take an even root of a negative number. 

Vocabulary words: Base, Power, Exponent, Root, Radicals


Exponents and Roots


 5: Rules of Order - Part 1

This video covers:
*How to simplify math problems with multiple operations/steps.
*Spelling out the acronym PEMDAS, which summarizes the correct order.
*Common mistakes seen in examples.
*The correct format to work all math problems: copy every single thing from step to step, working the problems down (rather than across). 

Vocabulary words: Nested Parenthesis, 


Exponent and Root Examples


6: Rules of Order - Part 2

This video covers:
*Finishing all the examples that were introduced in part 1.
*Another common mistake seen in examples. 


Rules or Order Examples - Part 2


Graphing Calculator Tutorials:

(1) Introduction to the TI-83 and TI-84 graphing calculator
(2) Simplifying and converting fractions
(3) Simplifying Exponents/Powers
(4) Simplifying Radicals/Roots
(5) Multiple Operations