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Kansas State Polytechnic

3.2 Polynomial Division

1: Reviewing Key Principles to Prepare for Polynomial Division


2: Introduction and Examples of Polynomial Long Division


3: Example of Polynomial Long Division


4: Introduction and Examples of Polynomial Synthetic Division


 5: Introduction and Examples of the Remainder Theorem

Note: There is a mistake in this video around the 7:30 mark. When evaluating whether c=-2 is a zero, the results should be 1, 0, 1, 0. The overall answer is the same. c=-2 is a zero of that polynomial. 


 6: Using the Remainder Theorem with Radical and Imaginary Numbers


 7: Using the Factor Theorem and Synthetic Division to Factor a Polynomial


 8: Using the Factor Theorem to Factor a Degree 4 Polynomial


 9: Sketching the Graph of a Polynomial Function