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Stuart Bachamp '03, '04

Stuart Bachamp '03, '04 has an unusual favorite memory of his time in the classroom at K-State Salina: writing a 20-page paper.

"Mr. (Greg) Stephens gave us an assignment to interview someone on all the topics covered during the semester of Intro to Business," said Bachamp. "I interviewed my boss at the time, who knew of every concept we were learning.  Over the years, he had incorporated them into his own business philosophy. With the extensive amount of information, the paper was almost 20 pages long. I don't think Stephens was expecting that."

That paper, along with the information he learned in his other classes while earning bachelor's degrees in electrical and computer engineering technology '03 and technology management '04, have proven useful over the years.

"I use business and management concepts every day," said Bachamp. "And I use the engineering concepts I learned in daily applications. My classes covered all the relevant topics that I see on a daily basis and equipped me to troubleshoot products that don't work."

Bachamp transferred to the Salina campus from the Manhattan campus during his undergraduate career because he preferred hands-on learning to bookwork and theory.

After graduating in 2003, he returned to the Manhattan campus to finish a degree there and finish tech management in Salina concurrently.  Upon graduating in 2004, he stayed in Manhattan, first working at an electronics repair shop and then taking a position at ICE Corporation, which designs and manufactures precision electronics for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and agricultural industries.

"I manage testing for all the products that require environmental testing. We test their stability through temperature cycles and vibration to make sure everything responds correctly in severe environments.  Some of our products are safety critical, which means lives could be at stake if our products fail.  The testing we perform is an important step in the manufacturing process."  He also develops test equipment and software interfaces for that test equipment.

When he's not at work, he's working on home improvement projects, enjoying activities and night life in Manhattan, and hanging out with Rusty, his 5-year-old long-haired dachshund.

Bachamp also has a favorite memory of his time at K-State Salina that was out of the classroom.

"At the beginning of my second year there, we played capture the flag in the dark on one of the first nights of the semester as part of the welcome back activities. It covered a big part of campus, between Science Center and Beechcraft Rd. I don't remember if we won, but I remember we had a great time."

Stuart Bachamp