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Julee Cobb
Communications & Alumni Coordinator
2310 Centennial Road
208D College Center
Salina, KS 67401-8058


Alumni Fellows Program

K-State is proud of the graduates it produces and highly anticipates the exciting journey each will embark on. After alumni establish themselves in their respective career fields and make exciting strides in some way, they deserve to be recognized. In 1983, the Dean’s Council, the President’s Office and the Alumni Association decided to do just that and sponsored the Alumni Fellows program.

Each year, faculty members from each of K-State’s colleges nominate distinguished alumni that they believe deserve the title of Alumni Fellow. The dean of each college then makes the final decision and the person selected is invited to be a part of a three-day celebration in their honor. Events usually include a cocktail party at the president’s home, classroom visits, speaking during a luncheon or at an educational panel, and a dinner with all fellows and their families.

After the approved merger of Kansas College of Technology with Kansas State University in 1991, this campus became known as Kansas State University Salina and the school system’s ninth college, the College of Technology and Aviation. Two years later the tradition of the Alumni Fellows program at K-State Salina began, though chosen fellows can be from Schilling Institute, Kansas Technical Institute and Kansas College of Technology.