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Kansas State Polytechnic

Living on campus

Housing and Dining Services provides an affordable, safe and engaging living environment for our students to complement the academic and social demands of your college experience. It's no wonder the majority of K-State students live on campus their freshman year.

Hall options
  • Schilling Hall 
  • Harbin Hall
Benefits of living on campus
  • Students who live in the residence halls are more likely to finish their degrees and receive better grades than students who live off campus during the first year or two of college.
  • Residents have access to an academic resource center with computer labs, study lounges and multimedia classrooms.
  • Meet new friends and participate in organized social activities.
  • Each hall has a laundry facility and 24-hour front desk service.
  • Each room is Internet- and cable TV-ready.
  • Roll out of bed and walk to class. Residence halls are conveniently located near your classes.
  • Meals are prepared for you. The cafeteria offers unique meals everyday.
  • Feel safe. A computerized access system using your K-State ID card lets you into your specific hall. A K-State police officer walks the perimeter of all halls on a scheduled basis.
Start your residence hall experience now
  1. Submit an online housing application when you visit the Residence Life page and click on the button that says "Residence Hall Application" on the right hand side of the page.

  2. Complete the entire application including what type of room and meal plan you wish to have as well as the roommate questionnaire at the end.

  3. In early July, you'll receive an email with your hall assignment and roommate contact information. Get in touch with your roommate to get to know each other better and to coordinate what to bring.

  4. Residence halls open for occupancy in late August.

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