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Kansas State Polytechnic


Your experience matters

Get ready to be in the middle of all of the academic action! You will learn by doing, whether through hands-on projects, research, internships or competitions. Polytechnic is a way of learning and we have been teaching this way for the past 50 years. A polytechnic education offers the following components:

Theory through application

Get ready for some intriguing homework, motivating professors and cool classes. Your polytechnic education allows you to get hands on, and learn through experiences.  Whether you're piloting an unmanned aircraft system, programming your own mobile app or participating in a social simulation project you'll be in the drivers seat learning firsthand.

Connective learning

Every class is applicable to your degree!  You will connect active classroom learning with the outside world through integrated studies. Think of each class as a customized course to suit your educational and professional goals.

Professional programs

At K-State, you can choose from 14 undergraduate programs that are designed to prepare you for your career. What ever your interest is, your degree program will be dynamic and progressive to meet the demands of your professional field.

Firsthand experiences

If you want to pump up your resume for a post-college career, there's no better way than through internships. Try out a career, witness professionals in action, see how you measure up to the demands of the working world. 

Career and Employment Services offers resources to help you land your dream internship.

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