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Experience endless opportunities to dream, grow and succeed in your academic journey at Kansas State Polytechnic. Find your passion, gain momentum and study subjects that interest you.

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Engineering Focus

Design it. Develop it. And then deliver. In engineering, you may not always be able to choose the challenge, but the industry always relies on you for the resolution. You must depend on the basics of math and science, but theories will only take you so far. Get ready to engage your creativity, problem-solving skills and your desire to improve and elevate a project, so you can deliver a product that truly makes a difference.

Electronic and computer engineering technology

Mechanical engineering technology

UAS design and integration

Aviation Focus

It is woven into the fabric of your family or perhaps the thrill of flight caught your attention at an airshow, event or on the big screen. Whatever the case may be, you want the special connection you have with airplanes to evolve into a lifelong passion. Through our award-winning aviation programs, you’ll get to the destination you desire; but we go the extra mile and also ensure you experience the journey.

Airport management

Aviation maintenance management

Professional pilot

UAS flight and operations

UAS design and integration

Business Focus

A compelling leader in any business possesses the ability to command both attention and respect. In these programs, you will learn to walk the fine line between taking charge and delegating tasks; how to transform a simple idea into a successful vision; and when people matter more than the product. You will be encouraged to dream big, because your light bulb moments could propel a small startup into an effective enterprise.

Airport management

Applied business

Technology management

Computer Focus

You have the capacity to connect millions of people through the power of network communication. Whether you focus in hardware or software, web or app design, or new media, your influence will have a global impact on ever-evolving computer technology. Bring discipline and organization; an enthusiastic attention to minor detail; and the ability to relay ideas clearly so your user or audience won’t have to compromise.

Computer systems technology

Digital media technology

Web development technology

Service Focus

Investing in the personal growth, well-being and happiness of others will require your commitment, compassion and character. Combine your natural connection to the human spirit with programs focused on fostering healthy relationships; shaping social and cultural change; or contributing to the improvement of an individual’s lifestyle, so that you can make a far-reaching difference within your community.

Family studies and human services

Social work  

Earn your Master's

Ready to further your education? Kansas State Polytechnic offers a Professional Master of Technology. Build upon your existing skill set, advance your education and prepare yourself to take the next step in your career.

Complete your degree

It's time to finish what you started. If you have a partially finished degree, or would like to apply your associates towards furthering your education, check out our Technology management program. Pair your area of interest with business and management principles to earn your bachelor's degree.

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