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Kevin Dawson

Kevin Dawson

Email:  kdawson@k-state.edu

Phone: 1-785-826-2640

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More about Kevin

About me

I’m not a big fan of talking about myself, but I can assure you that I am a big fan of K-State, and have been cheering on the Wildcats since before I could walk. I’m passionate about purple and family values, and at K-State Polytechnic we are just like one big family.


I was born and raised in Topeka where I went to Topeka West High School. I have lived in Kansas my entire life, and even though I’ve traveled the world, nothing is as beautiful as home!

College Activities

During my undergrad I focused on providing service to others, such as being residence hall president and giving back to the community through Boy Scouts of America.  Kansas State Polytechnic also helped fuel my passion for aviation. It’s where I learned to soar, not only in an airplane but also as a well-rounded individual. I consider myself very fortunate to travel to different parts of the country and spread the joy that is K-State.

Favorite College Memory

My time with K-State was split between classes on both the Manhattan and Polytechnic campuses. I also got up early to get front row seats for the football games, stayed up too late playing Xbox with the whole residence hall floor and ordered a lot of pizza! I can still remember my first solo flight, and the relief when I passed my private pilot check ride. Those are moments that will stay with me forever!

Items No College Student Should Be Without

 - A quality set of headphones

 - Coffee maker

 - An umbrella (wouldn’t want to ruin expensive text books or personal devices carrying it in the rain!)

 - Extra pillow

Advice I Wish I'd Paid Attention To Before College

GO TO CLASS. College is one of the biggest investments you can make. You’ll not only learn more, but you will form a connection with classmates and the professors by participating in class. When you go to class with students just as passionate as you it helps you realize you’re at the right place. Also, since hindsight is 20/20, believe me when I say “don’t get a wire mesh trashcan”. 

Three Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me

Punny (See what I did there?), Resourceful, Passionate

Favorite Movie

Top Gun (Talk to me Goose)

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