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Allie Johnson

Allie Johnson

Email:  allie19@k-state.edu

Phone: 1-785-826-2640

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More about Allie

About me

Although I am not a K-State alum, I still have a purple background! I graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University in 2014 with my Bachelor’s in Athletic Training. I enjoyed my time there so much; I started working at KWU that following summer as an Admissions Counselor. About a year and a half later, I made my way to the Polytechnic Campus! I enjoy helping and working with people, so being able to assist so many people in the giant step to begin college is an exciting experience!


I am from right here in Salina, KS! Although, when I was younger I never thought Salina would be the place I would settle down, I have fallen in love with this town. The small town feel, but big city perks makes Salina a great place to live!

College Activities

During my time at Kansas Wesleyan University I played volleyball all four years and was on the dance team for one year. With that being said, I kept busy with practices and games. My major was Athletic Training so I also worked other sporting events, games, practices and in the on-campus Athletic Training Room. I was also active in our Exercise Science Club. With a lot of activities going on throughout my four years as an undergraduate, I kept myself on a tight schedule, but also enjoyed all the experiences and opportunities I was able to be a part of.  

Favorite College Memory

Some of my favorite memories from college include the traveling that I was able to do, made possible through volleyball; I went to places like California, Chicago, Texas and even Florida. Through that aspect alone, I gained so many experiences and lifelong friends! However, I do have to say that my all time favorite memory from college was meeting my husband/best friend!

Items No College Student Should Be Without

 - SNACKS!! You simply cannot get through college without snacks, it’s a must have

 - Computer/Laptop/Tablet – Take notes, write papers, complete homework. It’s a necessity

 - Planner/Calendar – This is the best way to keep track of all your classes, homework assignments, and extra activities. You may get lost without this

 - An Open Mind – College is where you are going to have the opportunity to gain so many new experiences, meet people, and learn about yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Advice I Wish I'd Paid Attention To Before College

Dive in! My freshman year I sort of laid low and didn’t really put myself out there. Come my sophomore year, I started to get more involved and got more outgoing. Once I opened myself up to everything college had to offer, my experience went from quite to exciting! I had so much more fun once I decided to get involved and open up to all the opportunities. 

Three Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me

Cheerful, Caring, with a Pinch of Awkward

Favorite Movie

Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corner)

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