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Academic Standards Backdated Drops and Withdrawals Policy

1.  Backdated withdrawals may only be utilized when a student never attended the university the semester in question, suffered from major severe illness or health problems during the semester in question, or experienced a death in the family or other traumatic experience during the semester in question. Simple non-attendance (on-campus) or non-participation (distance) by a student (even if he or she never attended one or more courses) is not grounds for a backdated withdraw or drop.

2.  A student requesting backdated withdrawal must provide proof that documents the situation: i.e. letter from a doctor in the case of health situations, letter(s) from instructor(s), grades from another school if attended elsewhere, etc.)

3.  Prior to approval from the Associate Dean of Academics, the student must contact his or her instructors to discuss the possibility of incompletes and discuss the situation with his or her academic advisor to gain approval for dropping or withdrawing.  The Associate Dean of Academics will only consider backdates that are during the time the student was enrolled on the Kansas State Polytechnic Campus.

4.  Except for well justified exceptions, the expectation is that the student will either complete the semester and accept grades in all courses or withdraw from all courses.

5.  A student is not eligible for tuition and fee refunds if the backdated withdrawal is considered after the semester in question.