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How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Students new to Kansas State Polytechnic, who are exploring majors, or taking general courses, can contact the Academic Advising Center for academic advising assistance:

Students are encouraged to schedule advising appointments in advance. This allows both the student and advisor to be better prepared for the advising appointment.

Academic Advising and Coaching:

Alyssa Wendel

Rebekah Ohlde

Kebby Underwood

Jordan Funk

Accommodations:Sarah Werner
Career Services:Julie Rowe
Graduation:Kathy Sanders

Current Students, click here to schedule your advising appointment!

For more information about advising and enrollment, please contact your advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can login to your KSIS account and find this in the KSIS Student Center. You can also view your enrollment date and time in the KSIS Student Center.

For Accommodations please contact Sarah Werner at 785-826-2984 or at sarahdwerner@ksu.edu.

For Career Services please contact Julie Rowe at 785-826-2971 or at jarowe@ksu.edu.


New Students, please call 785-826-2674 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.