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International Rural Economic Development

  • International Rural Economic Development is an interdisciplinary course requiring travel to, study and research in France.
  • Designed to enhance students' global and cultural awareness while also adding knowledge and skill in managing rural economic development issues.
  • Students will study language and culture of the target country including the history of hiking and outdoor recreation and gain knowledge and understanding of how agritourism (vineyards, artisan cheese production, etc.), small scale public transportation, and a system of hiking trails across rural regions is promoted in France and how this impacts rural regions.

Join the Fun

  • Study the Rural Economic Development of KS
  • Hike through rural villages in France
Travel DatesStudy Abroad Fee
To enroll and participate in this class, please contact the Academic Services office.


Undergraduate CoursesCr HrCourse NumberMeeting Times
COT 499: International Rural Economic Development6 M 5:30-8:20 PM or TELENET


Graduate CoursesCr HrCourse NumberMeeting Times
COT 799: International Rural Economic Development Part I3 M 5:30-6:45 PM or TELENET
COT 799: International Rural Economic Development Part II3 

M 7:05-8:20 PM or TELENET



Study Abroad with us!

Fall 2017: Concepts in Global Logistics
Location: United Kingdom & France

Spring 2018: International Project Management
Location: Germany & Switzerland

Fall 2018: International Rural Economic Development
Location: France

Spring 2019: Marketing Italy: Culture and the Italian Tourist Industry
Location: Italy

Contact us:

In person: College Center 208
Via phone: 785-826-2674
Online: K-State Study Abroad

Study Abroad Peer Mentor
Jason Nowak