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Parents and Families

Greetings from Salina!

As a Kansas State University Polytechnic parent or family member, we hope that the Office of Academic & Student Support Services serves as a home for you, offering support, resources and events that will enhance you and your student’s experience. Whether you are a first year parent or your student is a senior, we are excited to serve you and have a variety of programs that will hopefully meet your families’ needs.

Throughout your student’s college years, our office is here to communicate, educate, and support you and your family along the way. While you may not be able to join us on campus every day, you are vital members of our campus community and critical to your student’s success and retention. We encourage you to stay connected through events and monthly e-newsletters.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for the Parents and Family Association? Sign up here!

Mark Your Calendar

Like your student, you have a busy schedule! Don’t let that keep you from enjoying some of the events scheduled throughout the year to celebrate milestones, traditions, and special campus and student events. K-State Polytechnic welcomes you to come see your son or daughter and visit our campus at any time!

Academic Calendar

Each academic year is divided into two 16-week semesters, with a summer session. Important dates on the academic calendar include enrollment dates, course withdraw dates, refund information, and dates when classes are not in session or the university is closed. https://polytechnic.k-state.edu/academicservices/calendar.html

Staying Connected

Wildcat Weekly

The Wildcat Weekly newsletter has upcoming events, campus announcements, scholarship opportunities, jobs and internships; and high-fives from K-State Polytechnic’s CEO and Dean, awarding her high-five each week to honor faculty, staff, and students for their dedication to the university. This will allow you to hear what’s going on, on-campus! Wildcat Weekly Newsletter


Want to stay connected but are not able to come to K-State Polytechnic for all events? That is okay! We have the perfect solution for parents and families to stay in touch through our e-newsletter. Email us at familiespolytechnic@k-state.edu to get signed up to receive the e-newsletter directly in your inbox!

Campus Mail

All incoming mail addressed to hall residents is delivered Monday through Friday, except on holidays. U.S. mail distribution is regulated by federal policies. Campus mail is limited to official university communications. Your student’s mail will be delivered to their personal hall mailbox which can be accessed by their mailbox key. Loss of the mailbox key will result in a $25.00 charge to your students account.

The mailing address is:

Student name

Kansas State University Polytechnic Residence Halls

2300 Centennial Rd.

Salina, KS, 67401

Student of Concern

If you are concerned about your student, please contact Sarah Werner, Student Services Manager, by calling 785-826-2984 or by email at sarahdwerner@k-state.edu. If she is unable to be reached please call our front office at 785-826-2674. We can reach out to Polytechnic campus students who seem to be having difficulty and intervene before things reach crisis level.

Sarah Werner can be contacted for the following concerns:

  • A student’s mental state or well being
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviors
  • A student posing a threat to themselves or others

Please be as specific as you can, including additional identifying information (such as room number, phone number, etc.) and any relevant details that could help us help this student. Once we receive your concern, we will assess the information and determine the best way to help the student.

If this is an on-campus emergency that requires immediate action, please dial 911 or campus security at 785-826-2952.

Locating a Campus Resource

Need helping locating a specific office or department? Find what you're looking for on the list of campus offices and departments.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that a student’s educational and financial records are private and confidential and can be released only by consent of the student. For students to designate a designee to their Fiscal Services, please see the instructions below on how to do so:

Student: sign into your KSIS account and click “Student Center.” Under Designees, click “Add or Manage Designees.” Click the “Add Designee” button. Complete the form, review the Terms and Conditions, and follow the submittal instructions.

Designee: check your email for the designated access invitation. Click the unique link in the email. Follow the instructions to register for a K-State eID or enter your eID if you already have one. If you didn’t receive the email, the student may have not provided a different email address or the email may be in your spam folder. The student can resend the email if necessary.

Student: check your K-State email for a message to confirm your designee. Sign into your KSIS Student Center and click “Add or Manage Designees.” Click “Confirm” to give your designee access to your student records. Provide your designee with the PIN you assigned.

Designee: provide the PIN when communicating with K-State about student records. You can view those records in your own KSIS account.  

If you should have any issues please contact the Office of Fiscal Services, 785-826-29181.

*For Academic and Student Support Services offices, this does not waive FERPA regulations. If you wish to sit in on a meeting with Academic and Student Support Services, they have their own form that will need to be signed at every meeting.