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Kansas State Polytechnic

Undergraduate Programs

Airport ManagementStudy GuideCareers
Applied BusinessStudy Guide
Aviation Maintenance Management
Study GuideCareers
Computer Systems TechnologyStudy GuideCareers
Digital Media TechnologyStudy GuideCareers
Electronic & Computer Engineering TechnologyStudy GuideCareers
Human Development and Family ScienceStudy GuideCareers
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyStudy GuideCareers
Professional PilotStudy GuideCareers
Robotics and Automation Engineering TechnologyStudy Guide
Social WorkStudy GuideCareers
Technology EducationStudy GuideCareers 
Technology ManagementStudy GuideCareers
Technology Management (online option)Study GuideCareers
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight and OperationsStudy GuideCareers
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design and IntegrationStudy Guide
Web Development TechnologyStudy GuideCareers


Aviation Safety Minor Study Guide
Avionics Maintenance Technology Study Guide
Business Minor Study Guide
Emergency Management Minor 
Human Development and Family Science MinorStudy Guide 
Unmanned Aircraft Systems MinorStudy Guide

Undergraduate Certificates

Applied Manufacturing CertificateStudy Guide
Composite Repair Certificate Study Guide

Graduate Programs and Certificate

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Cybersecurity Graduate CertificateStudy Guide 
Professional Master of Technology 

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