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Kansas State Polytechnic

Concepts in Global Logistics

  • An interdisciplinary course requiring travel to, study and research in the United Kingdom and France.
  • Designed to enhance students' global and cultural awareness while also adding knowledge and skill in logistics management.
  • Students will study language and culture of the target countries and gain knowledge and experience regarding basic global logistics management tools and practices.

Join the Fun

  • Tour Kansas based businesses and their counterparts 
  • Experience the shipping and handling industry first hand, while traveling between England and France.
  • Visit London and Paris.
Travel DatesStudy Abroad Fee
To enroll and participate in this class, please contact the Academic Services office.


Undergraduate CoursesCr HrCourse NumberMeeting Times
COT 499: Concepts in Global Logistics614969M 5:30-8:20 PM or via TELENET

COMM 322: Interpersonal Communication &
COT 499: Intercultural Communication


16666 &

MWF 12:30-1:20 PM or via TELENET


Graduate CoursesCr HrCourse NumberMeeting Times
COT 799: Concepts in Global Logistics Part I314360M 5:30-6:45 PM or via TELENET
COT 799: Concepts in Global Logistics Part II314361

M 7:05-8:20 PM or via TELENET



Study Abroad with us!

Fall 2017: Concepts in Global Logistics
Location: United Kingdom & France

Spring 2018: International Project Management
Location: Germany & Switzerland

Fall 2018: International Rural Economic Development
Location: France

Spring 2019: Marketing Italy: Culture and the Italian Tourist Industry
Location: Italy

Contact us:

In person: College Center 208
Via phone: 785-826-2674
Online: K-State Study Abroad

Study Abroad Peer Mentor
Jason Nowak